What are the best cafes in Dubai for couples?

cafe in business bay

If you are planning on going to a beautiful cafe with a pleasant, relaxing vibe with your significant other in Dubai to celebrate a special day with them, you’re in for a big treat. Dubai is an ideal tourist destination for couples,  which is why so many couples from all over the world come here on a vacation. There are plenty of places in there for you to visit, which are bound to intrigue you at the first sight. However, it all depends on what type of vibe you’re going for.

We, as one of the best hotels in Dubai, also boast of offering remarkable amenities and facilities that make the experience of staying at our hotel wholesome and worthwhile, one of which is our dining places. Let’s check out all our cafes or lounges that are perfect to jazz up your and your partner’s special day. At Gulf-Court hotel you will get Dubai’s best cafe in business bay, lounge and bar, karaoke, restaurants and clubs for hangout.

Café Délices

We’ve one of the best outdoor cafés in Dubai, called Café Délice best cafe in business bay. It is, basically, a coffee lounge and eatery and has a culture of coffee lovers. In addition, it also has a variety of Shisha with amazing flavours and a breathtaking view of the Dubai Water Canal. So, if your partner loves Shisha or coffee and you want to give them a surprise, this cafe in Business Bay is a great option to consider. All the dishes or beverages are made from fresh ingredients. Some other offerings provided here are free Wi-Fi and a wide range of delicious Bahraini and Turkish flavours coupled with cold, yummy beverages. We suggest you try out our exclusive Chef’s Signature dishes, like Bahraini Tikka, Bahraini Kebab, Hummus Bil Lahm, and Lahmacun.

Sports on 4

Sports on 4 is a perfect new hot spot in town for sports lovers. If your partner is one of them, this is also a great option. It features live sports airing on big screens and games like foosball, darts, and pool. Once you come here, you will find yourself and your partner unwinding and relaxing while grabbing a bite of a tasty bar dish or sipping on one of our cocktail creations.

The Other Office Karaoke

Enjoy your evening at The other office karaoke. We have five private Karaoke rooms for our guests, any one of which can turn your special night into a memorable celebration. If your partner is into music, this is a great place for you to visit with them. You can groove to a wide range of songs here, ranging from classics to pop songs.

The Canal Lounge

With a breathtaking view of the Dubai cityscape and the Dubai Water Canal and vibrant, beautiful interiors, the Canal Lounge provides you with unparalleled entertainment and a great way to enjoy Dubai’s nightlife. So, if you and your partner want to spend your special night somewhere out in Dubai, this is a perfect place to include in your to-do list.

If you’re planning on vacationing in Dubai or if you’re already in Dubai with your partner and have been wanting to take them to a pleasant, relaxed café or lounge in Dubai, visit any of the places at Gulf Court Hotel and thank us later for making your romantic celebration more memorable.