Things To Do For A Girls’ Night Out in Dubai

Girls’ Night Out in Dubai

You may have scoured all the best restaurants in Dubai and the regular clubs that are some of the snazziest and most glamorous in the world! However, there are still other attractions for a girls’ night out in the Emirate that you can consider with your girlfriends!

After all, Dubai is one of the world’s most mesmerizing and beautiful cities and nothing beats its nightlife! There are tons of things to do in Dubai that you will never find elsewhere at night. And of course, there is always that something special in the air, as you see Dubai light up at night with its skyscrapers and other architectural marvels!

Here are some of the best things to do on your girls’ night out-

1. Go Clubbing of Course!

You can find the world’s hottest and most attractive clubs in Dubai! The Emirate has a vibrant and pulsating nightlife circuit, home to various themed and groovy clubs, offering everything from fabulous views, game nights, a variety of themes, beachfront locales, and more!

2. Feast on Late-Night Shawarma

What is a night out on the town without indulging in some lip-smacking Shawarma at midnight? You and your girls will love several Lebanese restaurants whipping up this wonderful delicacy. Stop your car and let the waiters take your orders as you have a blast chit-chatting and feasting on this hot delicacy. From Deira to Jumeirah Road, there are tons of available options for you!

3. Take a Night-Time Drive

Why opt for regular girls’ night outs when you can all have a great time simply driving through the city? Dubai is a night-time treat, offering fantastic roads, glitzy skyscrapers, and appealing lighting all around, and considerably lower traffic. Turn on the radio for some good music and view the glimmering Emirate in its entire splendor. You can take a long drive at Al Mamzar where Sharjah and Dubai are divided by the Creek and there is a lovely Corniche as well!

4. A Marina Walk is Always Great!

Taking a night-time stroll along the Dubai Marina is a great activity with your girls! Chat your hearts out as you take in the beautiful waterfront with its bobbing yachts and boats along with the charming cafes, the reflections of the towering skyscrapers on the pristine waters, and the spectacular lighting all around. This is another experience worth indulging in at night!

5. Sheesha Nights Are a Hit!

Going for a Sheesha night in Dubai is a no-brainer! Hit a Sheesha lounge with live sports, pool tables, board games, video games, and more! Have some great munchies and enjoy catching up with each other.

6. Ski Dubai is A Must During Summers

If you are looking for a unique and relaxing summertime activity at night, try Ski Dubai which remains open till late on most days! Go skiing together and have a blast as you all experience the snow and fun within the Mall of the Emirates at Sheikh Zayed Road, and that too, amidst the desert!

7. Take in the view from the Burj Khalifa

This is another activity that you can indulge in with your girls as a prelude to your nightly outing. Take the world’s quickest elevator right up to the 124th floor for a view that is indescribable to say the least! The view at night is simply splendid and will bowl you over! If you have not done it yet, this one should certainly be on your list!

8. Check out special ladies’ night offers-

Dubai has multiple establishments offering attractive ladies’ night offers for you and your girl gang! If you’re not the sort who likes dancing at clubs without a view, then you should try the best hotels in Dubai for their spectacular lounges. One of them, namely the Gulf Court Hotel Business Bay, offers the Canal Lounge with its gorgeous views of the city and the Canal.
This has multiple exclusive hotel offers in Dubai that you can take advantage of, including ladies’ night offers galore! Enjoy the choicest beverages, lip-smacking food, pulsating entertainment, and more! The indoor and outdoor terraces are the icings on the cake!

9. Take a staycation-

Remember those days of staying up all night and chatting together? How about the entire girl gang plans for an epic staycation? You can check out several hotel deals in Dubai, including the ones on offer at the Gulf Court Hotel. It has not only the best bars in Business Bay (Sports On 4, Canal Lounge, and The Other Office Karaoke) but also the best Business Bay cafes and restaurants. Enjoy a relaxing and luxurious spa experience or lounge in the pool, while enjoying plush accommodation and all other amenities. Take a relaxing staycation and plan a rather interesting girls’ night out, combining the pool, spa, bars, lounges, restaurants, and finally the good old conversations deep at night.

Just to keep you in the loop, the weekend is Friday and Saturday in Dubai, and Tuesdays and Wednesdays have ladies’ night offer at many bars, clubs, and lounges in the Emirate. Now that you’ve got an idea of the available options, here’s to planning an exciting experience ahead!