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We are currently blessed with the sanctity of the Holy month of Ramadan. It is a sacred time for Muslims everywhere. And this time, due to the COVID-related restrictions, Ramadan 2021 in Dubai is going to be a little different. Muslims will be fasting during the Dubai Ramadan dates in 2021 for approximately a month, from dawn till dusk, each day of this month, starting from the 12th of April, Monday, and ending on the evening of the 12th of May, Wednesday, in the UAE.

Being one of the best business bay restaurants in Dubai, we are also considerate in how we wish to make this sacred time of Ramadan in Dubai more beautiful for all of you as well as for the expats in Dubai. Since fasting is of religious significance here, there will be some do’s and don’ts that the people who are not fasting must adhere to, in order to ensure they aren’t affecting the religious sentiments of those who are fasting. So, here, we list those do’s and don’ts for all of you that will make you embrace the sacredness of this holy month, with a deeper understanding and much more profundity.

1) Do wear a mask and maintain social distance

Since there will be more visitors during this month, wear a mask and maintain social distance, especially during Friday prayers.

2) Do dress appropriately

During this holy month, dress appropriately. Ensure that your shoulders and knees are covered and whatever you are wearing doesn’t have any inappropriate quotes or sayings.

3) Do wish them a happy Ramadan

If you have Muslim colleagues at your workplace or if you know any Muslims in Dubai, ensure that you wish them a happy Ramadan. You can do so by saying ‘Ramadan Kareem’.

4) Be patient and distribute work

Learn to practice patience, since some of your colleagues during this month might not be as available as they usually are. So, don’t panic if things are not going as smoothly as they usually do. Indulge in effective workload distribution and schedule your meetings, accordingly.

5) Do follow the rules related to gatherings

Social gatherings will be prohibited in the UAE due to the pandemic. So ensure that you follow the COVID guidelines, related to gatherings.

1) Don’t play music loudly

If you are travelling by car while listening to music or playing music in your house, ensure it is not too loud, because it might disturb others during their prayer-time, or those who are fasting.

2) Don’t attend mass Iftars

The authorities in the UAE have advised people to ignore mass Iftars for the sake of their safety as well as the safety of those around them. So, don’t attend mass Iftars.

3) Don’t eat in public places unless allowed

Whenever you decide to eat, ensure you’re eating either at home or at a restaurant where it is allowed to eat.

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With this, we say to all of you, “Ramadan Kareem!”

We hope that you follow the do’s and don’ts shared above to help your friends who are fasting as well as to help yourself celebrate this Holy month of Ramadan 2021 in a wholesome and respectful manner.