Seven tips to make your holiday to Dubai budget friendly

budget friendly holiday with best hotel deals in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The immense popularity is understandable as the beautiful city offers everything that a tourist would love to see.

You name it and you will see it. From city sightseeing, unmissable desert safaris, enchanting dinner cruises, the beautiful Burj Khalifa, indoor theme parks, beautiful beaches, and exotic foods.

One just cannot miss out on anything in Dubai because every facet of its grandeur is equally impressive, with unique experiences to offer. The city might come off as an expensive vacation spot, but that is not true. All you need is good planning for a memorable, budget trip to Dubai.

Here are seven tips on how to ensure your trip to Dubai is not only full of amazing experiences and joy but is budget-friendly as well.

1. Visit at the right time

Dubai is best enjoyed during winters, and that too, between November to March when the sky turns bright blue. If you enjoy outdoor activities like skydiving or sunbathing and prefer to go out for fun adventures, avoid going there in the summertime when it is blazing hot. But, if indoor activities and not-so-crowded yet beautiful places are your cups of Karak chai, you can visit Dubai any time of the year.

There are plenty of fun indoor activities in Dubai, such as bowling, VR experiences, indoor skiing, and theme malls. Moreover, if you are an avid shopping addict and love fine dining experience and indulge in fun events indoors, then the Dubai Shopping Festival should definitely be on your to-do list.

2. Look for hotels that offer great deals

Whether it’s a group gathering, a romantic dinner, or if you’re just looking for a new hotspot to unwind, you should consider affordable hotels in Dubai that offer irresistible culinary deals, every day of the week. You can enjoy a home-like experience in these hotels, without burning a hole in your wallet.

Many of these hotels feature a variety of fun elements like ‘Ladies nights’ with free cocktails, gentlemen’s night with some pool play, daily happy hours, finest chops and hops, and delectable food collections. Some hotels offer exciting discounts on food & beverage at any outlet. Not only that, you can also find hotels with private pools in Dubai where you can plunge into a swimming pool with friends and loved ones, at the end of the day.

Check if the hotel you choose offers shuttle bus services to famous landmarks like the Dubai Opera, Burj Khalifa, and the Dubai Mall. The best way to find a good accommodation deal is to avail advance purchase offers by booking your hotel stay, at least 7 days ahead.

3. Carry the basic essentials

It is highly recommended that you are equipped with basic essentials while you’re in Dubai, like loose and lightweight clothes, sunglasses, swimsuits, and sunscreen. For any patients, carry original prescriptions of your personal medicines. In addition, carry all relevant documents, such as passport, tourist visa, travel insurance, international debit/ credit cards, and marriage certificates, if applicable. However, keep their photocopies with you when you venture out, so that there’s no chance of losing your original documents.

4. Keep some cash in hand, in the UAE currency

It would be more convenient for you to pay your restaurant bills, your taxi fares, or for any shopping or services from local markets in the UAE currency, i.e. Dirhams (AED). So, always keep some cash with you, in the UAE currency.

5. Visit shopping malls with attractive offers

If you want to buy souvenirs and artefacts, go to the Karama shopping center. For dazzling gold ornaments, you can visit the Gold Souk. You can get great deals, negotiate the best prices, and have an unforgettable shopping experience at many malls in Dubai, like Wafi Mall, Dubai Mall, Ibn Battuta Mall, and Mall of the Emirates.

6. Select a hotel close to the International Airport

It makes sense to select a cheap hotel near Dubai International Airport. That would help you cut down the transportation costs immensely.

7. Opt for the Metro for local trips

Once you complete immigration and security at the airport, all you need to do is purchase an Nol smart card to pay for metro and bus rides, anywhere in Dubai. If you are going somewhere close to your hotel or visiting a place which is easily accessible via public transport, use the Nol card to travel by Metro or bus. However, if the place is too far, then hail a Taxi, to get around comfortably.

Travelling to Dubai for a vacation is believed to be expensive, but there are always ways to make it considerably affordable. There is much more to Dubai than what it seems.

You can not only have a great, fun trip to Dubai with many memorable experiences, considering the city’s varied offerings, but you can also ensure that all of it does not turn out to be an expensive affair. So, keep the tips given above in mind while planning your next trip to Dubai and make it memorable, for all the right reasons!

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