Chef Diaries – Making the perfect Grilled Turkey Cheese Sandwich

Turkey cheese sandwich a popular dish in best restaurants in Dubai

This strange, unexpected time that has resulted from the Coronavirus outbreak has left most of us in a state of bewilderment, not knowing when it will end. Many people have lost their lives, jobs, possessions, or loved ones because of the virus; many have recovered, while many are still under quarantine to protect themselves and their families from getting infected. However, on a slightly positive note, this globally practised act of social distancing has changed certain things for the better. People are now becoming more self-reliant, doing everyday household chores on their own, and taking up new hobbies. They are utilizing this unique time to reassess, introspect, and learn new things, one of which is cooking. That’s because cooking can be therapeutic and very enjoyable if you get into the groove and don’t see it as a cumbersome task.

These days, social media is flooded with stories of people sharing homemade recipes, pictures of new dishes and cuisines they have prepared, thereby causing intense food cravings. And as one of the best restaurants in Business Bay, we want to encourage the chef within you by sharing a recipe of one of our incredibly delicious dishes – the Grilled Turkey Cheese Sandwich. This personal favourite of many chefs at Gulf Court Hotel Business Bay can be clubbed with mustard and apple relish.

Grilled Turkey Cheese Sandwich:
Here are the ingredients that you need to make it:
  • 3 slices of multi-grain loaf bread
  • 100 grams of Turkey Ham
  • A 50 grams slice of Swiss cheese, be it Emmental or Gruyere
  • 15 grams of grain mustard
  • 20 grams of mayonnaise
  • 5 grams of honey
  • 50 grams of grated green apple
  • 2 grams of cinnamon powder
  • 50 grams of softened butter
And, here are the steps to prepare this sandwich:
  1. Apply softened butter on each slice of multi-grain loaf bread, toast it, and then keep it aside.
  2. Now, mix the mayonnaise, mustard, and honey together.
  3. In a pan with melting butter, add the grated green apple and season this with cinnamon powder.
  4. Spread a layer of mustard and mayonnaise on the two bread slices, then add the Turkey Ham and Swiss cheese between the slices.
  5. Now, top it off with the remaining bread spread, apple relish, and a slice of cheese.
  6. Finally, grill the sandwich in a hot grill sandwich-maker, or on a pan for at least 2 minutes on both sides, until the bread turns golden brown. You can extend the grilling time duration, depending on what kind of bread texture you prefer.

Once it’s ready, eat the Grilled Turkey Cheese Sandwich while still warm, to best satiate your taste buds. If you make it right, it is bound to fulfil your food cravings and give you a new memory that you would love to revisit more often!