Chef Diaries: An authentic, Arabic food experience with Chef Moataz

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Food in the Middle East is a huge part of our culture. The food heritage in Middle Eastern countries like the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar is incredibly rich and versatile, with a variety of scrumptious dishes that would cause any foodie to instantly drool. Food is characterized by slight, little variations in every country, depending on what specific spices and meat the locals prefer. But, overall, there are many dishes that are popular throughout the Middle East, like falafel and Shawarma. Arabic dishes are enriched with herbs and spices like cumin, nutmeg, mint, and caraway, and made more exclusive and mouth-watering with additional embellishments, such as olives, lentils, vegetables, and chickpeas. One of the most popular traditional, Arabic dishes that retain the authenticity of this diverse food culture and make it rich, is Bahraini Tikka.

Bahraini Tikka is a delicious, traditional lamb dish that is popular in Bahrain. It is flavoured with dry lime and served with a traditional bread, called Tannour, along with Bahraini Bagel, fresh vegetables, chilli, onions, and lemon. It is not just a dish, it is an experience that can make your day, if you love unique, delectable meat dishes that are on the sour side. The making of this dish involves soft, juicy pieces of high-quality lamb meat, which are marinated and then grilled over charcoal.

However, since this is a famous dish from Bahrain and not many people in Dubai are aware of it, it is not found easily in Dubai. However, we, at Gulf Court Hotel Business Bay, believe that food is a great way of delving into a well-preserved, lavish culture and embracing it. Being one of the best hotel business bay restaurants in Dubai, we take our food segment quite seriously. We strive to keep the nuances of our rich Arabic food culture intact, when it comes to what we offer to our patrons. Chef Moataz, who was trained at Gulf Court Hotel in Bahrain, makes the famous Bahraini Tikka at Gulf Court Hotel Business Bay, Dubai to give our customers an unforgettable, delectable culinary experience. It represents the traditional value and authenticity of the Arabic food culture. As you bite into the lip-smacking Bahraini Tikka, it would almost make you feel like you are in Bahrain.

So, if you wish to explore the local food culture of every place you visit, try Bahraini Tikka when you visit any of our business bay restaurants at Gulf Court Hotel in Dubai and give yourself a chance to savour one of the most delicious Arabic dishes, for an unforgettable experience.